Things Folders
Bring Things to your Finder.

The Things Beta has become public and now supports importing of your current library into the Things Cloud. Read here how Things Folders works with the Things Beta.

What Is Things Folders?
First: Things is great software. When you don’t know Things check them out at

Things Folders creates and manages a folder structure based on your Things projects and areas. Things is great for managing projects. But often you’ll create or receive files that belong to these projects. It’s important that you’ll organize these files in a clean system.
Things Folders helps you with your system and helps keeping it clean.

Things Folders runs in the background. It will check if you’ve changed projects or areas and if you have update your folder structure. Like this:


This way I don’t have to worry where to keep my files and I always have quick access to my active projects.
You could also choose if you want the projects in a projects folder or areas folders.

Your Logbook folder would end up containing a lot of folders. Things Folders could organize this for you based on the completion date.

Your folders are automatically linked to your projects in Things. This way you have quick access to your go to project folder.

The Today folder allows you to have easy access to only the project folders or area folders you’re working on today.

Files Inbox.
Just as you collect to do’s you can collect files. You can collect them in your Inbox folder.
When there are files in your inbox Things Folders will create a task for you to review your inbox folder. When your Inbox is empty is will automatically complete the task and send it to your logbook.


You can now also tag your projects, project folders and area folders with OpenMeta tags with the tags defined in Things.

And off course much more!


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